Frenchy Yummy Children Clothes

Frenchy Yummy Children Clothes

Buy Frenchy Yummy Children Clothes

Frenchy Yummy is a famous French brand of children clothes that was founded by Cristel Vizioli. Ten years ago the designer got a diploma from Esmod in Paris and started designing her own collection of kids` clothes. First her specialization was clothes for women, but everything changed in 2003. That year she got an experience of being a mother to a nice little girl Clelia. After that she was inspired to create a new collection of clothes for children.
Today, clothes for children from Frenchy Yummy are well represented in many stores around the world. Frenchy Yummy strictly monitors the quality of its kid’s clothes, offering children and their parents only the best. All clothes pass obligatory certification of quality, it is known to be environmentally clean and safe for children.
Artfully combining style with a mischievous avant-garde, balancing on the verge of rock ‘n’ roll and a noble simplicity, Frenchy Yummy wins the hearts of the most sophisticated connoisseurs of fashion. All children clothing Frenchy Yummy is made from high quality materials, all the prints and finishes, as well as a final quality control takes place in France. Frenchy Yummy is famous for its French cashmere, prints, decorated with rhinestones Swarovski. This brand offers children clothes for kids aged from 1 month to 16 years

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