Gallucci h Children Shoes

Gallucci h Children Shoes

Buy Gallucci h Children Shoes

Italian brand Gallucci has been engaged in manufacturing children’s shoes for boys and girls for more than 50 years. During this time, specialists from Gallucci have accumulated vast experience and knowledge in the field of orthopedics, leather industry, and even child psychology. Therefore, Gallucci children’s shoes not only meet the highest standards of quality, but are among the most favorite for children.
The founder of the brand Giuseppe Gallucci believes that caring for children – it is extremely important, therefore, for the manufacture of its high quality products he uses natural leather of sheep and calf, which is perfectly breathable and at the same time, retains heat well, which is important when choosing a winter children’s shoes. Orthopedic shoes with hard soles and flexible backdrop are responsible for the convenient location of the foot during walking and contribute to the proper formation of children’s feet.
The company Gallucci applies modern technology of computer simulation, but in the manufacture of footwear Gallucci does not trust technology, but skilled craftsmen who hand-sew and tailor details, eliminating even the slightest flaws. That’s why children’s shoes Gallucci are soft and comfortable. Like true Italians, brand’s designers appreciate the beauty and elegance in the process to create shoes, boots and shoes stick of the classic and casual style.
Children’s shoes Gallucci are made in the heart of Italy for over 50 years and designed with precision and attention to detail, offering the softness, lightness, flexibility and durability. All these qualities are very important to care of the children’s feet from their first steps to 12 years. Skilled craftsmen use the best grade leather. Many of the parts and accessories are handmade, making each model in a huge assortment to be unique

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