Gloverall Children Clothes

Gloverall Children Clothes

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Gloverall is the legendary British brand producing men’s women’s and children’s clothing. The company was founded in 1951 by Harold and Freda Morris. Production of the company was mostly connected with clothing and gloves made of natural cotton and leather. This is what was ordered by extra-order from the Ministry of Security of Great Britain during World War II. Later the firm of Harold Morris retrained for manufacturing Duffle Coat for the civilian population. Standard Duffle Coat is made of heavy wool coarse; it is a below the knee length coat with hood and wooden buttons. Duffle Coat from Gloverall is convenient and practical, because it does not wrinkle and moves the severe frosts what is very important for children’s clothes.
In 1951, Harold and Freda Morris that were engaged in the manufacture of gloves and overalls were sent to Belgium to assist in the production of orders during the war. After the war, the Harold got the fabric and his company became involved in the production of Duffle Coat for everyone, and changed its name to the more convenient – Gloverall.
The company has gained cult status, relying on his great legacy. For 60 years it has become one of the most revered British clothing brands which started producing children’s clothes as well. All children’s clothing is made in London but it is possible to buy Gloverall on-line being anywhere in the world. Despite the classic design of the coat it has a modern look that fits any style and age. Duffle Coat from Gloverall is practical, convenient, does not crumple and due to its dense wool pile it perfectly warm in freezing weather. In the autumn it can be put on a shirt, and in winter with a warm woolen sweater.
There is Duffle Coat in the collections of many international brands, but, in every sense of the word, Gloverall remains the standard. Its coats have been tested by time, style and materials relevant to this day, and fully consistent with the expectations of every customer. Duffle Coat by Gloverall – this is a great British tradition, which everyone wants to observe even in collections of children’s clothing.

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