Grevi Children Clothes

Grevi Children Clothes

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The hat – this is not just a headdress. In the past centuries it helped to determine the status, occupation, place of residence of the person whose head it adorns. Ladies’ hats were the object of pride, envy, and the reason for the entire women’s wars. Today, unfortunately, we are reminded of the hats only when it is cold. And absolutely not good! It is said by the owner of the Italian brand Grevi Roberta Grevi, whose family has created hats for men and women, as well as children’s hat now, for all occasions since 1875.
Grevi’s family history is an example of how, in spite of changing fashion, one can create what he likes and do not be afraid of tomorrow. The financial crisis of 1929, the Second World War, the emergence of new tissue – all of this, of course, reflected in fashion. Nevertheless, hats from Grevi were popular, so they remained the same.
Grevi is one of the oldest Italian factories of hats. For a long time, factory focused only on the domestic market. Since the late 80s of the 20th century Grevi brand goes global and now it is not a problem to buy Grevi on-line in any country of the world. Today the company Grevi continues to acquire more and more weight in the fashion sector, which greatly contributes to their own style of a factory, which is transferred from collection to collection, and is recognizable among connoisseurs of hats
In 2011 the company Grevi presented its first collection of straw children’ hats. If one thinks that the children’ hats are more suited to fuss in the garden, then he is badly mistaken! Each of the children’ hats from Grevi are made by hand in Italy, and the masters guided in the manufacture by traditional technologies, which have been handed down from generation to generation. Quality of children’ hats from Grevi do not make anyone doubt.

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