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Hackett London Kids Clothes

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Hackett London is a traditional brand of clothing and accessories, prepared to meet the tastes of men and boys of all ages that want to dress cool, and for whom the vagaries of fashion as a priority. Hackett London is inspired by the usages of British fashion, but does not stand still, repeatedly evolve although some things from the collections remain constant for twenty years.
Jeremy Hackett and Ashley Lloyd-Jennings met at the Portobello Road, where they were combing this huge antiques market in search of good used clothing. This famous meeting gave rise to their joint business Hackett London, which began with the first store opened on Hackett New Kings Road in 1983 and has existed for over twenty years. Starting from scratch, but being well aware of the core material and the traditional British style, the partners have created the perfect collection of clothes and accessories.
By 1991, the partners have already had seven stores in London and a successful business in Spain. In 1995, Hackett London starts production line of children’s clothing “Essential British Kids”. At the beginning of the 21th century Hackett London continues to open new stores in the UK, Spain and France. At present Hackett London is represented in 15 European countries and it is possible to buy Hackett London on-line in any country.
Looking at the British collection of the children’s clothing from Hackett London it becomes obvious that this is an elite company of the production of men’s and children’s clothing, founded and led by renowned designer menswear classic Jeremy Hackett. His style in the children’s clothing is a traditional British costume, as he likes to say “evolutionary, but not revolutionary.” And that respect for the British tradition to wear only qualitative things even for children’s clothing is necessity to instill in kids from childhood.

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