Hevea Kind Accessories

Hevea Kind Accessories

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Under the brand name Hevea children’s accessories of high quality are manufactured from 100% natural rubber, environmentally friendly material that does not contain dyes, BPA, PVC and phthalates.
Under the Hevea such children’s accessories as pacifiers and teethers are produced. All the products have designer’s paper packaging, for the production of which soy ink are used. In addition, parents will be pleased with such children’s accessories from Hevea as: holder for dummies and a pouch for storage of 100% organic cotton with a designer’s print, applied to the fabric with soy ink!
Products of Hevea is a modern pacifiers and teeth cutters developed in Denmark, which are made from 100% natural (natural) rubber. It is possible to choose suitable children’s accessories and to buy Hevea on-line. In the process of creating products of Hevea attention is focused on caring for the environment. The company tries to be socially responsible, looking for new and modern methods of processing materials to meet the requirements of environmental protection.
Long before the founder of Hevea Teresa Hoffeld became a mother, she was troubled by such issues as cleaner production, natural products and high-quality, stylish design. When she had the first daughter, she realized that it is very difficult to find pacifier for her, which would satisfy all requirements. Thus, she decided to take matters into her own hands and began to develop children’s accessories of Hevea.

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