Hitch Hiker Kids Accessories

Hitch Hiker Kids Accessories

Buy Hitch Hiker Kids Accessories

The company Monnalisa S.p.A. has gained a reputation as a manufacturer of children’s clothing and accessories for children from 0 to 16 years in the “luxury” segment. Products of the brand are sold in more than 50 countries around the world – only in upscale malls and boutiques.
In 2009, Monnalisa S.p.A has launched a children’s clothing line for boys – Hitch-Hiker. This collection offers shirts, shorts, jeans and other children’s accessories and children’s clothes with exciting prints and unusual designs from modern cartoons. Contemporary illustrations and prints on t-shirts Hitch-Hiker is ideal for the most fashionable and active children. Style of Hitch-Hike always inspires for adventure and travel, whether it’s vacation in the countryside or a trip abroad. Hitch-Hiker is a classic Italian style and unsurpassed quality!
Children’s clothing for boys Hitch-Hiker is a combination of chic and casual style, the quality and glamour. Tradition to create only high-quality items, made of natural materials with modern achievements in the fashion world, have been moved from previous collections in the collection of children’s clothing for boys Hitch-Hiker. True connoisseurs of authentic Italian clothing Hitch-Hiker are looking forward to each release of a new collection and gladly take the opportunity to buy a Hitch-Hiker online, saving time and money

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