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One of the earliest materials used for the manufacturing of children’s toys, was a tree. Simplicity, which gives freedom to imagination, warm, environmentally friendly children’s toys made developing wooden children’s toys to be the best choice of caring parents.
A variety of products options – bricks, puzzles, action figures, houses, pyramids, musical instruments, wheelchairs, puzzles, geometric shapes – are not a complete list of wooden children’s toys Holztiger, in which happy children play. Wooden children’s toy Holztiger is a good choice for a child. Made from environmentally friendly materials, children’s toys are not only absolutely safe and do not contain potentially harmful ingredients, but also durable.
The children show great interest in wooden toys made by Holztiger – built out of blocks houses, puzzles and all sorts of folded-ear frame inspire children to the knowledge of the world and new achievements and accomplishments. Paints used for these children’s toys are safe for young researchers.
A wooden toy from Holztiger is a children’s toy, made by hand in accordance with European standards in Europe! Only environmentally friendly colors and only specifically selected wood are used in manufacturing. It will give a child an unforgettable emotion of the game; will help to fully know the outside world, be creative, to develop the imagination. It will for sure become an integral part of social play of the child and his friends
Children’s toys of the brand Holztiger are aesthetic in form, pleasant to touch, designed for creative play, the development of a child’s imagination and knowledge of the world around them. These children’s toys will be a wonderful gift and it is possible to buy Holztiger online.

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