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In 1962 Giuliana Marchini and Silvano Gerani created a company aimed at manufacturing knitwear of high quality. In 2002 the youngest collection of children’s clothing ICE ICE Iceberg designed for children aged 4 to 12 years was released.
ICE Iceberg is the first fashion brand, which has decided to focus on the unusual prints, initially deposited in the tissue fragments of paintings by Andy Warhol, but then the clothes was adorned with portraits of famous people such as: Al Capone, Elvis Presley and many other well-known people. Then, by 2000 there were children’s clothes of ICE Iceberg with cartoon characters such as: Bugs Bunny, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and other favorite characters. The ability to surprise is one of the key moments that created an excellent brand reputation.
Under the brand Iceberg today four major lines of children’s clothing are released. ICE Iceberg is luxury clothing for young people. History is the classic style, clothes for people with traditional tastes. ICE ICE Iceberg is kids’ clothes for children from 4 to 12 years. Finally, Ice-J is the apparel for the brave and self-confident people who are always looking for something new. All of the children’s clothing lines are very popular among the customers, so the opportunity to buy ICE Iceberg online can save you time.
In addition to quality children’s clothing, Iceberg releases excellent children’s accessories. Belts, ties, umbrellas, sunglasses, shoes and perfume, anyone can find that on the soul. Children’s clothing from ICE Iceberg is made of the most durable and best materials and has unusual cut

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