IKKS Kids Clothes

IKKS Kids Clothes

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A child should have a sense of style and good taste from childhood. As for the task for parents to dress up a child not only in fashionable but also comfortable children’s clothing it is enough just to buy children’s clothes of the famous French brand IKKS. IKKS is brand children’s pret-a-porter, which is a part of the group ZANNIER, the largest group of children’s clothing industry. Children who wear these clothes, they know a lot about fashion, appreciate exclusive natural fabrics and easy patterns. So their parents with great pleasure that buy IKKS on-line, and giving the opportunity for children to realize their preferences in clothing.
The little girl from IKKS is already playing in the mannequin, spinning in front of a mirror. She selects among her baby’s clothing the sailor dress, and pants-saruel or overalls with a cap and bag in the same colors. Having enjoyed with the sea style, she chooses baby’s clothes for the weekend in New York. This may be an ensemble of plaid Topeka, denim shorts and a suede waistcoat or a blouse with floral prints, wide Bermuda. Fitting session cannot ignore the model in the style of “rock”: black dress, jeans, slim jeans and tank tops. Baby can also choose a short black skirt and shirt with leopard print.
Boy deliberately tries sailor boldly with faded Bermuda, and then narrowed plaid shirt with a vintage blue trousers, complemented by a stylish scarf with prints of the stars. It could be Bermuda khaki-colored shorts, waisted purple shirt with a V-neck and a jacket of sand color. Another option is trousers faded to white denim, polo with stripes and biker jacket. The boy knows how to be chic in a stylish shirt with floral prints, straight gray trousers, a jacket to match, or a leather jacket. IKKS cares of its customers and would like each of them could find something really special and personal.
Older girl prefers femininity and “adult” values in children’s clothing. Her wardrobe is chosen very carefully. She prefers slacks, jeans or Bermuda shorts, a cardigan deliberately faded colors that are very fashionable. For evening the young lady selects a leather jacket, gray jeans and top with leopard print. For a more modest occasion suitable dress with fashionable floral print and a jacket in military style will be really nice. So, the brand IKKS presents a wide range of baby’s and children’s clothes which will be really special for any occasion.

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