Il Trenino Children Accessories

Il Trenino Children Accessories

Buy Il Trenino Children Accessories

Il Trenino was established in 1962 as a specialized laboratory of jerseys handicraft industry. Every little thing is a company’s passion, close attention to the construction and experience in this sector. In the 1968 the brand Il Trenino appeared in fashion world. This brand is exclusive devoted to products of fashion for children from 0 to 14 years. Design experience, meticulous attention to detail, manual work, attention to packaging the finished product – it is only a few components of the quality of children’s clothing. Quality is officially recognized in 2011 and certified as “100% Italian producers”.
Today, as in the past Il Trenino creates a model of baby’s and children’s hats and accessories to them: caps, berets, scarves, gloves and booties. Materials that used in production of children’s clothing are of the highest quality and are connected through careful research of fashion of children’s clothing and through the Italian style which keeps the manual work in the implementation of each item, so each model is a unique creation.
Time flies, parents and children are becoming more demanding and Il Trenino becomes an adult, and transformed, renewed to meet the demand of both parties, obtaining success in Italy and in foreign countries, Il Trenino is synonymous with quality and exclusive style of baby’s and children’s clothing. The sign “Woolmark” is one of the guarantees that gives and exclusive feature of the products and certifies 100% made in Italy of each product: all stages of production are made in Italy, with respect and preservation of the environment and the safety of human labor. Il Trenino is one of the founders of the consortium “Italian Kids Fashion” which from 1998 collected in its team the best brands of children’s clothing “Made in Italy”. This brand is the one of others which provides the option to buy Il Trenino on-line and to save customer’s time

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