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Joha Kids Clothes

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Joha company from Denmark is the largest in Scandinavia that manufacture underwear for babies, children and adolescents. The company has forty years of experience in producing children’s clothing. Joha’s issues are sold in sizes from 40 cm to 170 cm in about 900 stores in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Belgium and Holland and besides, the company provides the possibility to buy Joha on-line. Joha is known for high quality, for its children’s clothing only the finest natural materials are used.
The company Joha was founded in 1963 and has been run by three generations of Johansen’s family. Continuity and experience of generations allow the company Joha to create the most comfortable, easy to use and at the same time, an unusually elegant and eco-friendly kids’ clothing. The company Joha is one of the largest Scandinavian manufacturer of lingerie, sleepwear and home wear for children from birth to adolescence. In general, clothes and underwear of Joha are sold through a network of European distributors. Today the company employs about 400 employees, and the production consists of more than 6 million names of products. All kids’ clothing of the company Joha is made of knitted fabric only on the basis of high quality raw materials.
Natural materials and compliance with all hygiene requirements are key indicators laid down in price and quality of goods. Children’s clothing from Joha means a comfort, convenience and simplicity.

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