Juicy Couture Kids Clothes

Juicy Couture Kids Clothes

See Juicy Couture Kids Clothes Collection

Juicy Couture is a popular American brand that produces women’s, men’s and children’s clothing, accessories and watches, as well as clothing and accessories for dogs. All clothing is produced in the United States.
Juicy Couture was founded in Pacoima in the U.S. by two female designers: Gela Nash-Taylor and Pamela Skaist-Levy. This is an attractive modern line of everyday wear, which gained a foothold in the U.S., especially California. Acquired by fashion company Liz Claiborne, Juicy Couture has become famous for its terry and velour tracksuits. In addition to tracksuits, jewelry and handbags from Juicy Couture, line of children’s clothing is also very popular.
The first collection of children’s clothing was presented in 2002.
For a collection of models, designers are choosing bright juicy colors that set one apart from the crowd, forced to pay attention to person wearing them. Exclusivity and casualty, classic and coquetry, comfort and glamour, good looks and adventurism – connection of things which seem to be incongruous in the design of manufactured children’s clothing, have allowed two friends in a short time to bring their small company to a brand with a worldwide reputation. Nowadays almost each parent wants to buy Juicy Couture on-line and to make its child happy.
Juicy Couture has a sufficient list of items of children’s clothing in which one can feel comfortable as at the disco or at the party with friends. Interesting prints and the inscription, which differ with rhinestones and embroidery, exceptional design attracts all fashionistas. Exclusivity of Juicy Couture collections is the main advantage of the brand. Juicy Couture in its production of children clothes’ manufacturing is oriented to the mobile young girls who want to look charming and stylish anytime, anywhere.

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