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Kathe Kruse Children Accessories

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Kathe Kruse, for sure, is one of the most traditional German doll brands. Year after year the company Kathe Kruse presents on the market those Mold, which were firstly released personally by Kathe Kruse and her family. But at the same time every year, the company brings seasonal collections to market – diversity is usually achieved by changing hairstyles and clothes. Outfits of Kathe Kruse kids’ dolls combine classic silhouettes and the latest fashion trends in children’s fashion of the season.
Children’s dolls from Kathe Kruse are popular among a demanding parent who wants the best to their children (reliable, high-quality, beautiful, safe), and sophisticated collectors, that understand the value of children’s dolls Kathe Kruse (history, reputation, traditional European production with a high degree of handcrafted detail, quality and design).
Children’s dolls from Kathe Kruse are more expensive than the most represented in the country high-quality European brands (such as Gotz, Paola Reina, Carmen Gonzalez and Antonio Juan), but these children’s toys are famous for unsurpassed quality. They are bright and stylish at the same time – a rare combination for children’s toys. They are very easy to clean and can even be washed in a machine at the “careful” mode. Production of Kathe Kruse is still located in the EU, and these children’s dolls conform to strict European quality standards. Faces of children’s dolls from Kathe Kruse are painted with safe colors – the percentage of manual work in manufacturing of children’s dolls from Kathe Kruse is generally very high. Children’s dolls from Kathe Kruse will be the best gift for any occasion, especially because it is possible to buy Kathe Kruse on-line being in any country

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