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Fashion brand Kenzo was established by Japanese designer Kenzo Takada. The history of this brand (before the 90s) – is, in fact, the biography of its founder. Kenzo was born in a godforsaken town Himeji on February 27, 1939. In 1965 Kenzo moved to Paris. Since this time the beginning of his ascension as a designer has been going on. Already in 1970, Kenzo became famous.
In 5 years after the Paris and the world of fashion was lying at his feet, applauding standing at his first show. Master Takada succeeded to combine what the impossible to in his models – East and West, the luxury and ease of cutting. His dresses and blouses, so similar to the Japanese kimono, have taken the place of the actual dresses for all occasions forever. The first acclaimed collection was followed by new: Kenzo Jeans, Kenzo Junior, Kenzo Bed Linen, Kenzo Enfant, Kenzo Babe, and Kenzo City. And each of them has a success, eclipsing his previous achievements.
For over 40 years, one of the most mysterious and unexpected fashion houses Kenzo creates fabulous children’s clothing. Complex cut, original parts, and expensive fabrics – all this makes each collection of children’s clothing from Kenzo a true work of art. Kenzo has opened the pattern of small flowers, tartan fabric, combined with stripes, bold compositions shades of colors used in children’s clothing. In addition, Takada introduced world trivial, some children’s silhouettes for the fashion – shorts to the knee, a mini-coats, dresses-sweaters, big berets and, of course, kimono sleeves.
Collection children’s clothing from Kenzo is updated twice a year before the New Year children’s clothes which will be suitable to wear for spring and summer are presented, in July for autumn-winter period. It is possible to buy all items from collection at any on-line store as the brand has an option to buy Kenzo on-line.

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