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Kipling Children Shoes

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The story of one of the most famous children shoes’ producer Kipling started in 1987. The place of birth of Kipling Shoes is Antwerp, Belgium. Firstly, the brand Kipling gained its reputation with making bags of different designs which are still very popular all around the world. Kipling Shoes is a wonderful collection of children shoes made in the best traditions of the brand. Every day a number of customers all around a world use the possibility to buy Kipling Shoes on-line and to please a child with children’s shoes for different season: children’s snow boots which will be really useful for winter and waterproof neoprene kids’ sandals and shoes which will protect kids’ feet in summer as well. The company Kipling Shoes is distinguished by its children’s shoes of high quality, good materials and modern technologies used in manufacturing as well as by its traditional symbol – Monkey. During the twelve years that have passed since the establishment of the company in Antwerp, a symbol of Kipling Shoes won the love of customers in 40 countries, bringing good luck to everyone who wants to see his life vibrant and bright, all who chose a style of Kipling. Each monkey has its name – the names of the most creative employees of Kipling, who bring a smile and a contribution to the brand.

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