Lale kids clothes

Lale is a new but popular brand designing children clothing. The company was established in 2008 in France by the French-Brazilian designer Lale Roubaud. The founder of the company had an extensive experience of designing kids clothing as she worked in other companies. Nevertheless, she attempted to implement her own ideas and created her brand to design clothing for kids that matches her concept, regardless of the position of the brand or owners of the company. She used her experience, skills and talent to design fashionable and comfortable clothing for kids of different age. In actuality, the company designs clothing for kids and babies starting from first days of their life. Therefore, consumers can enjoy buying and wearing Lale’s kids clothing from the early age. The company is constantly working on the diversification of its production. For instance, at the beginning the company launched the production line for girls, while today Lale designs clothing for both girls and boys. The distinct feature of Lale’s style is the combination of retro and modern elements. In this regard, the founder and head designer of the company Lale Roubaud uses her personal experience from her childhood as she attempts to design clothing with traditional Brazilian elements.

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