Laura Biagiotti Dolls Children Clothes

Laura Biagiotti Dolls Children Clothes

Buy Laura Biagiotti Dolls Children Clothes

Laura Biagiotti Dolls

The first collection of clothing and footwear Laura Biagiotti was presented in 1965. It should be admitted that the clothes, the Italian women’s shoes has never been an accomplishment for a talented designer. After all, Laura Biagiotti is a loving mother, so children’s shoes, children’s clothes like dresses for little princesses and children’s accessories occupy a considerable share of the designer collections.
Currently, children’s shoes are manufactured under two brands: directly, Laura Biagiotti Dolls, and Viviane. Children’s shoes are elite not only because of the band name of the designer. Laura Biagiotti name is supported by impeccable quality materials, tailoring and high-skill, and of course, bright, fancy design. Style, best leather, comfortable children’s shoes ensure Laura Biagiotti Dolls brand a success: each new collection of Laura Biagiotti Dolls has definitely a great success, both among adults and children!
Collection of Laura Biagiotti Dolls includes children’s shoes, sandals, boots, shoes and boots for the true lady! However, the puppet collection includes not only a catalog of shoes but also handbags and children’s accessories which create a complete image in the style of baby-doll. In this collection, the motives of past eras are intertwined with modern trends. In such a way is born an original and extraordinary style. Laura Biagiotti Dolls offers girls to play in fashion. And with such extraordinary shoes the game becomes truly exciting, because it is so easy to buy Laura Biagiotti Dolls online

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