Le Mont St Michel

Le Mont St Michel is a renowned brand designing children clothing. The company has a long history since its foundation dates back a century ago. To put it more precisely, the company was established in 1913 in Normandy, France. However, the company has suffered a considerable downturn in the course of its history, especially in the late 20th century, when the company almost ran bankrupt. Nevertheless, the new leader and creative director of the company, Alexandre Milan brings Le Mont St Michel back to life. In this regard, new collections of children clothing allowed the company to accelerate its business development and to improve its marketing position consistently. At the same time, the company combined its traditional and new design in children clothing. Such a blend of the old, traditional design from the company and new ideas of Alexandre Milan contributed to the tremendous success of the brand not only in France but also in the EU and many other countries of the world. Today, Le Mont St Michel operates successfully worldwide. The company develops its online business to get closer to customers and to offer exclusive children clothing for kids of different age, both girls and boys.

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