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Lesy is a history that began in 1964. Lesy this is wonderful collection of children’s clothing like dresses, suits and children’s accessories that are made of the Tuscan silk, sewing, cotton. Lesy is unprecedented cut in which the surrounding people can easily guess the real product, made in Italy. Lesy’s elegant, tasteful children’s accessories create the finished product. Lesy’s brand dresses can be found in boutiques in Milan, Rome and Naples and besides, there is always the possibility to buy Lesy on-line; London Harrods every year presents collections of Florentine designers.
Elegant, romantic, unique clothing designed for the discerning audience which does not like mundane things, and finds pleasure in the details. Lesy’s style is a combination of good taste and practice. The best traditions of Tuscan craftsmanship (embroidery and hand finishes) are used in the production of luxurious children’s clothing of Lesy. Quality materials, attention to details and stylish accessories make Lesy a global brand, flawlessly mixing elements of classical, traditional style with exclusive and modern design solutions.
Lesy dresses are beautiful, feminine, elegant and unique. These are words that can describe the elegant dresses for girls from the Italian company Lesy. Every dress is a work of art, sewn by hand. All collections are invented and developed by the Lesy’s owner Lisetta Cosi. Particular attention is paid to the tissues. These are pleated satin, silk and chiffon, which look elegant themselves as well as children’s accessories: bows, elegant handbags and hats.
In such a Lesy dress a child can appear at any celebration, but it will be also appropriate in the daily life of young ladies

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