Lili and the Funky Boys children clothing

little funkyLili and the Funky Boys is one of the new designers of children and babies clothing. The company was established in France and started its operations in the EU market aiming at babies and children target customer group. Today, the company designs and sells products for kids from first days of life to the age of ten. Lili and the Funky Boys designs kids clothing for both girls and boys. In addition, the company has launched the production of accessories for babies recently. In such a way, the company attempts to introduce new products to attract more customers. In fact, the decision to launch the production of accessories was determined by several factors, such as the tightening competition in the global market and the negative impact of the global financial crisis, which put under a threat the position of the company in the market. Nevertheless, the current performance and the position of Lili and the Funky Boys is stable. The company operates in the EU and the US mainly, although now the company attempts to enhance its position in Canada, Asia, and Latin America. In addition, the company has moved online to facilitate purchases for its customers.

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