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Magic Stroller Bag

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Once Béatrice Cotte and Chloé Barali came to the idea about the possibility of creating a comfortable and stylish moms’ bag that could be hung on a stroller and makes mother’s life easier at least during walks with a baby. So, in 2008 the idea of practical bag was embodied in life in Magic Stroller Bag brand.
In addition to the pure functional style of the classic moms’ bags, which implies the need to carry a removable swaddling baby’s clothes, the idea of creating beautiful and fashionable models, which will be useful in everyday use, was added to the main concept of Magic Stroller Bag. Nowadays a mother from any country can be happy with the possibility to buy Magic Stroller Bag on-line.
“Magic Stroller Bag” for swaddling baby’s clothes, which are specially designed to carry in a stroller, has revolutionized the world of children’s accessories. This bag is practical, stylish and fashionable and fits all strollers.
The products of Magic Stroller Bag have a unique design and an indispensable utility. Colors and sizes of moms’ bags astonishingly vary and create some difficulties to choose just one item. The creators of the brand care not only about the outward appearance, but also about its quality and long lasting service of their mom’s bags. And also, given the fact that a mother of a small child does not always have time for shopping and the possibility to choose something really good, the creators have taken care of that, so their customers can buy Magic Stroller Bag online.

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