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Maileg Children Toys

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Maileg is a collection of children’s toys and jewelry, they can be named next of kin Tilda doll, as they have much in common. Indeed at first glance they are very similar with children’s toys made by Finnanger Tone: this rag dolls that are made of natural fabrics and have the same eyes-points as the Tilda do. The brand Maileg also comes from Scandinavia and was founded in 1999. They often appear in compilations of children’s toys and are often confused with a Tilda.
This brand Maileg was created by Danish designers Dorthe and Erik Mailil. In contrast to Tilda, producing goods for craftswomen, Maileg produces finished products, children’s toys and items for interior decoration. The main focus of the whole collection is on decorating the home for the holidays of Christmas and Easter. Maileg is sold throughout Scandinavia and Europe, and just recently it appeared in Japan and the United States but it is also possible to buy Maileg on-line.
A sensual children’s toy hides behind such a seemingly weird appearance. Maileg company founded in 1999 by Dorthe and Erik Mailil, but has already managed to gain recognition and become a popular illustrator for magazines, books and entertainment rooms in the Louvre in Paris, the Museum of Modern Art in New York, in Barcelona. Unique collection of Maileg is created by hand from natural materials what makes them an object of love of all parents and children that appreciate children’s toys of high quality

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