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Melissa & Doug Kids Toys

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Melissa & Doug is children’s toys from leading manufacturers. Melissa & Doug products are widely known throughout the world. Melissa & Doug’s toys are not just products for children, designed to distract and occupy the child, it is firstly and foremost a wonderful tool to help develop fine motor skills, spatial thinking, and creative abilities of a child.
Children’s toys of the brand Melissa & Doug are distinguished by reliability, environmental friendliness and safety for the child. All children’s toys are made of natural materials, mostly of the tree. Today the children’s toys which are made of natural materials are considered as the safest and respectively – the best ones. With the children’s toys of Melissa & Doug there is no place for any doubts. Firstly, the name of the manufacturer is guarantee of high quality of children’s toys, which won the toy market with eco-friendly products, as well as a certificate of quality and hygienic conclusions.
Classic wooden children’s toys, lace, wooden and cardboard puzzles, magnet games and music sets, wooden designers and many, many other individual and group games, for the development and education of children of all ages – each item is available for customer as it’s possible to buy Melissa & Doug on-line. Engineers, designers, and child psychologists are constantly working at new Melissa & Doug children’s toys, and production, in turn, is kept under tight control. Developing of children’s toys focuses on little things that at first glance may seem unimportant, but they, in fact, are the key for a security for the child. That is why the toys of the brand gained more popularity worldwide

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