Microbe by Miss Grant Kids Wear

Microbe by Miss Grant Kids Wear

Shop Microbe by Miss Grant Kids Wear

Brand Microbe is one of the lines of the world-famous Italian brand Miss Grant. The brand Miss Grant appeared in the late 70s of last century and during the years of its existence, has gained tremendous popularity worldwide. Each collection sold out within days after its release, and particularly ardent fans are waiting for opportunities to buy Microbe by Miss Grant on-line every day.
The line of children’s clothing Microbe by Miss Grant was established many years ago, its success was assured by a clear understanding of what the girls like, which children’s clothes to dress them their parents like, what kind of children’s clothes would be comfortable for them and would not restrain them in the game.
To create children’s clothing line of freedom-loving and self-confident girl cascades of silk, tulle, lace frills set, as well as an abundance of hanging and glittering jewels were used. In this children’s clothing and shoes, even the youngest sisters can emulate their older ones. Children’s clothing Microbe by Miss Grant is designed primarily for girls aged from 7 to 14 years, who are already beginning to understand their own fashion, and can confidently make choices knowing that in the children’s clothes from Microbe by Miss Grant, they will look as stylish as adults

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