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Mimi-Sol Children Clothes

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“Mi-mi-sol” – these are the first notes of Lullaby that German composer Johannes Brahms wrote in 1868 for his children. Probably every child on Earth has heard this song while was very young – and Imelda Bronzieri, Italian designer, was also inspired to create a new brand of children’s clothing under these notes. Unusually fabulous and very festive children’s clothing from the brand Mimi-Sol is a combination of romance and the special bright colors of childhood. Designer of Mimi Sol does not seek to imitate adult clothing in her works, she only tries to create children’s clothes that will accentuate the beauty and carefree of a child.
In the collection of Mimi Sol presents children’s clothing and kids’ shoes for boys and girls from 2 to 12 years. Experience and creativity of Imelda Bronzieri supported Albert Dalen, the head of the famous in the world Italian children’s fashion brand Gimel, and Andrea Montelpare, the head of Fermo, famous manufacturer of children’s shoes. Collection of Mimi Sol consists of two lines – a festive INDACO LABEL with interesting details and more daily to play and walk SAND LABEL.
In the collection of Mimi-Sol each item of children’s clothing and children’s shoes is comfortable, of good quality and perfect for every child. With children’s clothing from Mimi-Sol parents will be able to instill good taste in clothing’s choice since childhood. A joint selection of casual wear is a great opportunity to communicate between parent and child, that can be used, having decided to buy MimiSol online

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