Mini Melissa Children Shoes

Mini Melissa Children Shoes

Buy Mini Melissa Children Shoes

Vivienne Westwood together with the Brazilian shoe label “Melissa” introduced the world’s collection of kids’ shoes made of plastic, Mini Melissa. The highlight of the collection Mini Melissa was sandals for little girls. The Brazilian brand of shoes Melissa Plastic Dreams has been around for a quarter century – during which time the Brazilian shoemakers manufactured and sold 50 million pairs of shoes in colored plastic in 80 countries worldwide.
The company emerged in 1979 in Brazil, as a subsidiary of one of the world’s largest shoe manufacturers – Grendene. By the mid-1980s, Melissa has been one of the most popular shoe brands in the country, and produced shoes for adults as well as children’s shoes
Children’s shoes from Mini Melissa, as well as footwear for adults, are made of a special patented material Melflex, which not only withstand all loads inherent in children’s shoes, but also ensures a perfectly acceptable comfort for the foot. Each pair of children’s shoes from Mini Melissa is molded from a soft, rubberized plastic, to make it very pleasant to the touch. Besides, the company Mini Melissa has always been proud of the fact that Melflex is very eco-friendly material that is almost completely converted, without isolation of toxic substances to the environment. Thanks to uncommon material models of children’s shoes Mini Melissa have unique design, and are fully recyclable, i.e. melting. Mini Melissa children’s shoes smell like candy, what is the feature of the brand, which will accompany the child more than one day.
The production of a pair of children’s shoes Mini Melissa takes less than a minute. It is not surprise that Mini Melissa children’s shoes have a huge success and won the love of customers around the world, so the opportunity to buy Mini Melissa on-line becomes more popular.

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