Mini Rodini Kids Clothes

Mini Rodini Kids Clothes

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Mini Rodini is one of the most respectable and oldest brands operating in the children fashion industry. The company was established in Sweden over a hundred years ago. The founder of the company, Cassandra Rhodin was one of the popular illustrators, who decided to implement her creative ideas in the world of the fashion. The founder of the company focused on designing clothing for kids of different age. At first the company attempted to extrapolate the adult fashion trends on the children fashion but this trend did not persist long time. Instead, currently, the company attempts to create original designer clothing for children which is designed for children specifically without the wide use of elements from the adult fashion. The current philosophy of the company emphasizes the importance of the preservation of childhood for children through the creation of original clothing designed specifically for children. In such a way, the company differentiates its products from those of its rivals, who tend to borrow some ideas or elements from the adult fashion to create clothing for children. Today, the company operates internationally. Moreover, many products of the company are available online since Mini Rodini has launched its online business to get closer to its customers.

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