Miss Sixty Kids Clothes

Miss Sixty Kids Clothes

Buy Miss Sixty Kids Clothes

The well-known brand of women’s clothing Miss Sixty was founded quite recently – in 1989 in Italy, and it is the part of Sixty Group, which is also the owners of such brands of clothes as Energie and Murphy & Nye. The founders of the brand Miss Sixty are the Italian designers Wichy Hassan and Renato Ross. Miss Sixty is a feminine and glamorous brand, while preserving the share of irony and playfulness.
In 2000 the first line of shoes from Miss Sixty was launched. In the near future the collection of glasses appeared (2002), and in 2004 the first collection of children’s clothes Miss Sixty was launched. All children’s clothes from the famous brand Miss Sixty have an amazing combination of glamour and comfort. Each girl will look unique in the children’s clothing from the world-renowned manufacturers Miss Sixty. Children’s clothes for girls from the Miss Sixty brand are designed for girls 8-16 years old.
Quality of the children’s clothing for girls are similarly reliable and durable, as well as clothing for adults have. It has long been no secret that every girl wants to be like her older sister, or mother, and respectively, she chooses the outfit. With children’s clothing from Miss Sixty, each girl will shine in the company of her girlfriends. The range of brands included dresses, tunics, shorts, jeans, shirts, t-shirts and even shoes. The whole range of goods can be ordered, as well as one can buy Miss Sixty online

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