Missouri Children Shoes

Missouri Kids Shoes

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Teenager’s and children’s shoes for boys and girls have become a priority activity of the Italian shoe company Missouri. Despite the fact that Sergio Ferracuti started production in 1972, to create professional shoes he started when he was 11 years old! Today, the whole big family of Ferracuti is occupied in production, and Italian children’s shoe stores Missouri represented in Europe, USA, Saudi Arabia and Russia.
Luxury, elegance, and other attributes of the adult world can be upstaged, as the best children’s shoes should combine the quality and originality of execution. However, Sergio Ferrakuti went much further by offering its customers small, stylish and beautiful shoe copies of moms and dads. Italian designer brought into the world of children’s shoes that same sophistication and luxury, which emphasizes the beauty of a tender age. If one looks through the collection of children’s shoes Missouri, the parents will appreciate the wealth of the range of the Italian brand. Children’s shoes for every day, classic shoes for school, sports shoes and, of course, delicious festive footwear is available in collection of Missouri.
Children’s shoes of Missouri are richly decorated with all sorts of the decorative elements (ribbons, rhinestones, sequins, appliqués, original clasps). All children’s shoes are made exclusively of natural materials: leather, suede, textiles, nubuck which allow feet to breathe and perspire less, providing natural ventilation. The softness of natural materials gives superior comfort when walking in children’s shoes from Missouri. All Italian children’s shoes sewn by Missouri, take into account the anatomical features of the structure of children’s feet. Moreover, creating their own collections, the Italian designer uses elements of handmade children’s shoes that give a special value and appeal inherent in the whole footwear «Made in Italy». It’s possible to find the proper pair of children shoes and to buy Missouri online in any online store.

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