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Monnalisa Kids Clothes

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Monnalisa is a well-known Italian manufacturer of children’s clothing and clothing for adolescents. The company’s products are sold in upscale multi-brand stores and boutiques of children’s clothes, as well as in single-brand stores Monnalisa around the world. It is also possible to buy Monnalisa on-line. Feature of the brand Monnalisa is a combination of elegance with cheeky romance. This brand Monnalisa has existed for about forty years, and managed to win the hearts of children and parents in fifty countries around the world.
The brand Monnalisa includes a few lines: Bebe (3-36 months) – a practical, romantic, funny clothes, creating a positive attitude for kids and their parents. Monnalisa (2-12 years) is the line of the creative and high-quality kids’ clothing. Collections are created in harmony with the fashion, responsive to the latest fashion trends. These are collections, in which comfort meets fashion and quality, creating a harmonious union in this way. Monnalisa Chic (4-16 years) is elegant children’s clothes for special occasions and for those who want to wear fashionable children’s clothes in the style of “romantic”. High-quality fabrics and attention to detail are features of this line. Jakioo (6-16 years) is a collection for teenagers, stylish and modern. Sharpness of detail and originality in each model are its particularities. NY & LON (3-36 months and 4-16 years old) is sports style of children’s clothing that allows creating a trendy mix of dresses for every day. The collection is for boys and girls, consisting of the basic things of which one can create a full wardrobe

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