Monnalisa Ny&Lon Kids Clothes

Monnalisa Ny&Lon Kids Clothes

See Monnalisa Ny&Lon Kids Clothes Collection

Monnalisa is the world’s leading manufacturer of children’s clothing and children’s accessories for girls in a segment of “luxury”. Monnalisa brand was founded in 1968 in Florence, Italy by Piero Iacomoni and Barbara Bertocci. This brand is working on several lines of development of children’s clothes for girls – Bebe, Monnalisa, Monnalisa NY&Lon, Monnalisa Chic, Jakioo depending on the age and style of babes. This children’s clothing is of the highest level and is sold exclusively in boutiques, but you can also make an order and buy Monnalisa Ny&Lon on-line.
Monnalisa Ny&Lon is the collection of children’s clothing in which the emphasis is on everyday life and convenience. It’s very nice sport. Casual and fashionable at the same time in a sports-style products are presented in the collection of children’s clothing Monnalisa Ny&Lon. The emphasis is on convenience and compatibility models of models. This collection also presents children’s clothes for boys. The theme of the Monnalisa Ny&Lon for boys is inspired by adventurous athlete Popeye the Sailor and decorated with prints of vintage effect. T-shirts with prints of artificially aged and applications in the academic style, knit shirts with double collars and set of jackets serving as athletic sweatshirts, and proved as the nylon ‘bomber’ or light sport jackets.
It should also be noted that in order to create such kids’ clothes the best materials that are of high quality, great texture and exclusive design are used. Funny, beautiful, comfortable and pleasant to the body children’s clothes for the youngest fans of fashion and style are presented in this line.

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