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MP Children Socks

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The history of the brand MP Socks started in 1937 in Denmark when the first pair of socks appeared. It was made of the fiber of the highest quality. More than 70 years a company MP Socks produces different children’s clothing and children’s accessories such as dresses, socks and hosiery products, beautiful children’s hats and mittens.
The company was established by Martin Pedersen and already three generations have been involved into production of children’s socks and tights. Children’s accessories of MP Socks are available in classic colors as well as in funny bright and vivid ones. Interesting images on children’s accessories from MP Socks will amuse adult and children.
The main rules of the MP Socks designers are to create the children’s accessories of high quality, nice appearance, in accordance with all standards, safe for children’s health and environmentally friendly. These principles helped the company MP Socks to gain the world popularity and maintain it for many years.
Moreover, the company constantly conducts different studies and applies new technologies in order to improve their products. Nowadays, each parent can please his child with wonderful products from MP Socks. It is necessary just to make an order and to buy MP online at any store.

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