Native kids clothes

Native is one of the most popular, although relatively new brands operating in the children clothing industry. The company was established in the UK and, at first, focused on designing and manufacturing hats for kids of different age. however, steadily the company expanded its business and designed new products, such as outwear, including coats, jackets, hats, scarves and other products designed for kids specifically. Moreover, the company focused on the international market expansion because the UK market was saturated and the competition was tight, while the international market expansion opened larger opportunities for the enhancement of the position of the company with British roots in the markets of emerging economies, such as India, Brazil, Russia and others. Today, the company is renowned in many countries of the world and operates successfully in the EU, the US, India and many other countries. Remarkably the company pays a particular attention to the development of its business in emerging markets, which Native considers to be the most prospective because they grow fast, while the level of the market saturation is relatively low, especially compared to the UK or the EU. Today, consumers can buy native’s children clothing online since the company has its online shop.

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