Naturapura Children Clothes

Naturapura Children Clothes

Buy Naturapura Children Clothes

Portuguese company Naturapura Iberica – Producao e Comercio de Produtos Naturais, S. A was established in 1999. Naturapura produces the children’s textile products from completely organic cotton.
Naturapura offers children’s clothing, blankets, and envelopes in strollers, bedding, towels, bathrobes, booties, bibs and toys.
All cotton for production is grown directly in Portugal, Peru and Israel without application of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, etc. During the processing of cotton, bleach, artificial dyes and other harmful substances that can cause allergic reactions in newborn infants when wearing children’s clothing are completely excluded.
Responsible use of natural resources at all stages of production contributes to the growth of mutual respect between consumers and brand Naturapura. Priority of Naturapura is to attend to the health and well-being of their clients, and in the process of production to protect the environment and save a healthy soil for the future. In 2008 Naturapura successfully sold in 28 countries around the world, reflecting the full internationalization of the brand. Today it is very easy to buy Naturapura on-line in any country.
Naturapura offers a selection of extremely comfortable variety of items. The company produces a long list of regular items, and, optionally, two times a year, offers seasonal collections for fall / winter and spring / summer for its partners

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