Pasito a Pasito Children’s Accessories

Pasito a Pasito Children's Toys

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Pasito a Pasito is a trademark of Spanish company Diset, SA that produces educational children’s toys and games. The first line of this company was launched in 1995 to create the products for children that would be different other children’s brands that are produced all around the world.
Brand Pasito a Pasito was born in 1995 in Barcelona. Step by step, it was developing the line of children’s accessories and now in its collections one can find everything that is needed for parents and children, ranging from furniture to fashion gifts to the children’s birthday satisfying both infants and children up to 12 years old.
More complex collection line of children’s products – quirky, but practical, using the quality materials was established later. Brand Pasito a Pasito is constantly looking for differences and differentiation, emphasizing the elegance and harmony in every one of its parts. In general, the functionality and flawless finish are offering a unique style.
Pasito a Pasito is children’s textiles, suspension, soft toys, bags for moms and more other children’s accessories. Pasito a Pasito makes exclusive products for children. The goal of Pasito a Pasito is to meet all the needs from birth to 3 years, with love and hope that it will help to remember this period as one of the most beautiful and loved ones in our lives. Parents all around the world prefer to buy Pasito a Pasito on-line.

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