Paul Smith Junior Children Clothes

Paul Smith Junior Children Clothes

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Paul Smith Junior is an icon of England “dandy” style since 2010, when it was decided to create a line of children’s clothing, keeping it in accordance with the best characteristics of so beloved adult style. Children collection inherited the bright colors, prints and exceptional unique combination of incongruous. Its “signature” features are bright prints, interesting details, elegant cut and unique style.
Color and texture are the main elements in the children’s clothing collection of Paul Smith Junior. Deep, warm colors are superimposed on the traditional fabric and symbolic for brand strips. Bizarre T-shirts with bright prints are combined with knits, tailored clothes and classic British outerwear. The collection can help to pick up children’s clothes for boys and girls – from newborn baby to 16 years old.
Paul Smith Junior presented for boys prints, bright graphics and plain clothing, which helps to easily combine all the elements of the collection! Hidden details make the usual zest of Paul Smith Junior, and classic tailoring products fit to everyday T-shirts and pants, making clothing provocative and casually-elegant.
In the clothes collection for girls, black velvet contrasts with tulle floral pastel colors. Laconic dresses are combined with long striped socks and restrictive jackets and cute prints on cotton skirts and blouses are perfect for dark denim and knitwear with intarsia. Pink lace dress for girl is combined with strict jackets and stylish velvet coats. For special occasions there are classic jackets, pants and jersey with simple colors and lovely prints in the form of shoes.
Buy Paul Smith Junior on-line and your child will always look stylish and never boring

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