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Petit Nord Kids Wear

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Today, children understand in the fashion industry even better than some adults. Small mods are new style icon, and now they not only focus of the paparazzi, but also create their own clothing line.
Manufacturer of children’s clothing items Petit Nord is located in Copenhagen (Denmark), but to buy Petit Nord on-line is possible being anywhere in the world. Its founder and chief is t Danish designer Jane Denker Larsen. Jane in 1998 engaged in the creation of children’s clothes aged from 0 to 16 years. Among his masterpieces of children’s accessories there are hats, collars, belts, gloves, bags and much more.
All the products of Petit Nord are made of only the most natural and environmentally friendly materials. Simplicity of Scandinavian design is felt in all children’s accessories of the brand, as well as in association rebellious and romantic styles that are more than other liked by children. All children’s clothes are made exclusively of the high quality materials and in limited quantities, because of environmental considerations are one of the main values of the brand Petit Nord. But it is still possible to buy Petit Nord on-line.
Petit Nord believes that this leather helmet of a little pilot will suit to any outfit and will be a great asset to the windy and cold days of autumn

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