Radio Flyer Kids Toys

Radio Flyer Kids Toys

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Radio Flyer is one of the popular and prospective companies operating in the toys industry. The company was established in the US and started its operations as designer and manufacturer of toys for boys. In fact, the company created original toys, which though had clear military inclination and kids playing with Radio Flyer’s early toys could grow aggressive. However, in the course of time, the company changed its strategy and principles and suggested new series of toys, which help children in learning and stimulate their cognitive development. In such a way, the company has managed to increase the potential of its toys not as a mere entertainment but also as learning tools. In addition, the company has started the production of toys for girls, which also became very popular and attracted many consumers from all over the world. Today, the company operates internationally, while the US, the UK, the EU are the major markets for Radio Flyer, while other countries are potential markets for the company, where the company is either already present or is going to enter. In addition, the company develops its online business to get closer to the global customer group and to sell children clothing online.

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