Reutter Porcelain Children’s Dishes

Reutter Porcelain Children's Dishes

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Reutter Porcelain is the legendary German company that over 60 years creates children’s china for girls, children’s tea sets, picnic sets, collectible miniature toy sets, toy collectible miniature furniture and souvenirs. The founder of Reutter Porcelain was Marti Zimmermann. The brand was originated in 1948.
In about 1954 Marta designed Reutter Porcelain logo. Logo is also used as a stamp, which is put on all Reutter Porcelain products, being a sign of quality assurance. Logo has got a depicted Dankendorfa Monastery (the name of the place where the production was originated) with the inscription «Denkendorf». And letters M and W in the frame are first letters of Reutter Porcelain creators’ names.
Porcelain miniatures, which company makes are made according to the unique technology and can be considered as a real art. Porcelain children tableware from Reutter Porcelain it is a combination of a German quality, European traditions and fairy tales. All these come to life and can be on your table, delighting kids. Thinnest and white porcelain is signed by hand and decorated with ornaments of 24 carat gold. For painting artists from Reutter Porcelain use stories and heroes of popular fairy tales, that is why this cookware enjoys the love and popularity among children and their parents around the world. Children’s dishes from Reutter Porcelain meet all international standards of quality and safety; children’s dishes Reutter Porcelain do not contain cadmium and lead.
Reutter Porcelain it is a loyalty to tradition and quality, rigorous and meticulous attention to detail. It’s possible to buy Reutter Porcelain on-line at any web-store.

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