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Roma e Toska is German brand of children’s clothing, “haute couture”. It was founded in 2002 and named after its creator Countess Tyszkiewicz, that has two daughters. Roma e Toska is a surprisingly harmonious union of shabby, gloomy medieval chic and current trends of contemporary children’s clothing of teen fashion. Roma e Toska style is sophisticated color, expensive heavy fabric experimentally cutting, embroidery, antique lace, sequins. It is embody of a girl’s fantasies and dreams of knights and beautiful princesses. All the collections of Roma e Toska are targeted at girls aged from 4 to 14 years. Models are made of expensive fabrics of high quality, decorated with sequins and embroidery. In this case Roma e Toska children’s clothing does not restrict freedom of movement and is easy to clean, which is undoubtedly an important factor in choosing models for children.
Roma e Toska always has something to show! Roma e Toska is one of the most exclusive brands in Europe in the creation of children’s clothing focused on the unique style of each girl, her muse, children’s imagination and dreams.
Thus, the style of “shabby chic” is again, a synonym of fashion haute couture! Children’s clothing Roma e Toska looks elegant, stylish and, in general, very fashionably! Each piece of clothing is made by hand and decorated with lace, silk flowers or rhinestones. The collection is designed for girls aged from 4 to 14 years but it seems to please even teenagers! Parents can buy Roma e Toska on-line.

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