Santoni Shoes Kids Footwear

Santoni Shoes Kids Footwear

Buy Santoni Shoes Kids Footwear

Santoni Shoes is the most expensive shoes in Europe. Santoni Shoes is an Italian company producing handmade shoes and luxury fashion brand; it is a family business, which now the second generation Italian family Santoni runs. It was founded by Andrea Santoni and his wife Rose. The company today produces shoes as well as bags, purses, belts and other products, including children shoes.
The history Santoni Shoes began in 1975 when Andrea and his wife Rosa Santoni began their own business. Initially in the early years the company represented a mini-studio for the production of footwear, specializing only in men’s shoes. Only a few years, there was a line of shoes for women. And the first line of kids’ shoes appeared in the 2000s.
Creation of children’s shoes from Santoni Shoes is based on the same principles that are laid in a line of footwear for adults. The quality of children’s shoes is a top priority for Santoni Shoes. The company invited only the best designers and shoemakers to make masterpieces of children’s shoes. Santoni Shoes has a unique technology for bulk staining Trilux, which allows mixing colors so that the similarity with the “Scottish” is achieved. Production of Santoni Shoes is concentrated in Italy, in areas Corridonia, Macerate, Marche – the capitals of the shoe business, but caring parents who wish to pamper their child with high quality and stylish shoes can take the opportunity to buy Santoni Shoes online.

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