Satila of Sweden Children Accessories

Satila of Sweden Children Accessories

Buy Satila of Sweden Children Accessories

Satila of Sweden is a Swedish company specializing in the manufacture of knitted hats and other headgear, which include children knitted accessories.
Satila of Sweden is the full name of the company, which was founded in 1896 and currently Satila of Sweden owns two brands of hats – Satila of Sweden ® and Ellte made by Satila ®.
Satila of Sweden produces hats for snowboarders, skiers, climbers, multi-sportsmen, etc. “Fit-for-purpose” is a motto in which the company describes its items, has risen to the forefront of the company since its establishing. Ellte made by Satila ® is a brand designed for children and adolescents. There are also hats for newborns, children up to a year and baby accessories. Bigger hats, according to Satila, are designed for any “wild games”.
All products designed by Satila of Sweden are created of high-quality yarns of different colors. A wide range of knitted products Satila of Sweden allows choosing the appropriate children accessories fitting the style and color to the outer clothing of the child, meet his individual needs and ambitions of parents who want to see their child wearing a beautiful, high-quality, knitted children’s accessories from Satila of Sweden. Any on-line store present available items and possibility to choose and to buy Satila of Sweden online

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