Scotch R’Belle Children Clothes

Scotch R’Belle Children Clothes

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Scotch R’Belle is a new line of women’s brand of Scotch & Soda. It includes children clothing for girls.
Scotch & Soda Company was founded in 1985 in Amsterdam, but the current popularity it has won only in 2002. Scotch & Soda specializes in menswear and until 2010 its models were designed primarily for men from 18 to 45 years. To the delight of fans of this brand a collection of clothes for boys was released in 2008 – Scotch Shrunk, and in 2010 the company finally launched women’s clothing line – Maison Scotch. Finally, in spring-summer 2011 there was presented the collection of children’s clothing for girls Scotch R’Belle.
This kid’s clothing is different from other clothing for girls as there are no bright colors, an abundance of sequins and ruches. Scotch R’Belle – it’s a real casual style, as adults wear. Such children’s clothing is ideal for those who want to instill a taste in their children from an early age.
Here one can find high-quality and expensive fabrics, lots of interesting styles and children’s accessories for everyday life. All this is done in the style of “careless chic” and always attracts attention. This style gives the girls a few bohemian look. Loving parents can use an advantage of modern world and buy Scotch R’Belle on-line being in any country.

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