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Scotch Soda Children Clothes

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Clothing brand Scotch & Soda was established in the Netherlands. More than twenty years of the company history cannot be called outstanding. Company had to walk a thorny path from a small provincial firm to the world famous giant of the fashion industry. Brand found its popularity across Europe and elsewhere after 2000 when the company was joined with several smaller firms. The line of children clothing for boys Scotch Shrunk was added with the release of a separate collection spring – summer 2008.
Scotch & Soda sells its products in own 30 retail boutiques scattered mainly in the major capitals of world fashion. Among other things this children’s clothing brand enjoys great success in online stores, so caring parents will be able very easy to buy Scotch and Soda online.
Scotch & Soda likes to create beautiful children’s clothes with properties that can satisfy almost everyone, because this kid’s clothes for boys emphasize the individuality of each child and elegance of taste of its parents.
Scotch & Soda makes clothes that bring each individual to its owner. Scotch and Soda is made to wear it with great pleasure, enjoying the quality and originality of this European children’s clothing. It might sound banal, but the main properties of the product Scotch & Soda are a high quality, richness of the details available to the public. Buying children’s clothing Scotch & Soda, parents invest their money in a product that combines classic and vintage styles, which absorbed many ideas from around the world. Scotch & Soda is a product that is not immune to time

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