Simonetta Children Wear

Simonetta Children Wear

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Mrs. Simonetta Stronati started feeling passion for beautiful clothes long ago, more precisely, from her birth. Her mother – Maria Bianca Matstsarini Stronati – fifty years ago, opened a small store of clothing in the Italian town Jesse, located in the province of Marche, that on the Adriatic Sea. Her passion for the beautiful and elegant material has been known throughout the county, and women’s clothing of her design had a special luxury, unusual for such a small provincial town. Mary Bianchi has had three children – Roberto, Valeria and Simonetta. In honor of the last she called the firm, which led her children in 1981.
The very first collection of children’s clothing have been devoted to girls from 5 to 16 years – a collection Simonetta, but the structure of the company has become more complicated over the years, and the main line was added by a few others. Simonetta Mini is babies’ clothing from one to seven years. This line is characterized by tiny dresses and skirts in soft pastel pink. Simonetta Tiny is the clothing for newborns in which the designer prefers soft materials – jersey, cotton, silk, and funny headgear. Simonetta Jeans is more “poppy” clothes, practical and durable, designed for mobile urban children who love sports and active outdoor play. Besides the company has a collection of children shoes and accessories that are purchased not only by babies’ mother, but by the grown girls of 16 – 18 years. The general style of children’s shoe models is at the same level with the style of children’s clothing. Designers use bright gilding, fur and decorative elements – garter, ribbon and decorative stones in the scenery.
Since 2001, the collection for girls, and since 2003 the collection for boys from Roberto Cavalli has been released together with Simonetta. Thus, in the year the company produces more than 600 thousand items of children’s clothing and over 70 thousand pairs of kids’ shoes. All items are presented in the Internet and it is very easy to buy Simonetta on-line.

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