Sophie La Giraffe Children Toys

Sophie La Giraffe Children Toys

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Baby Sophie was born May 25, 1961… It was a day of St. Sophia. In those days was small selection of children’s toys, they were mostly figures of domestic animals. That is why, in a momentous day in France, the Honorable Mr. Rampa, who was an expert in transforming sap of the tree Hevea rubber for the production of children’s toys by rotating the mold, came to the idea of a giraffe.
Sophie La Giraffe may be the most fashionable children’s toy in the world. It is possible to buy Sophie La Giraffe on-line being in any country of the world. It would like nothing special: 18-inch giraffe is made of rubber. But for decades Sophie La Giraffe remains the most popular children’s toy for the French babies, calmly overtaking fangled singing, dancing, playing push-button novelty. Sophie La Giraffe helps children cope with the aching gums, develop vision – Sophie La Giraffe has 76 spots! – and becomes a faithful companion on walks. It is no wonder that even the Hollywood elite had heard about Sophie – Sophie La Giraffe appeared at celebrities’ children – Nicole Ricci, Sandra Bullock, Madonna and Sophia Coppola.
50th anniversary of Sophie La Giraffe was stylish: 70 designers and artists from different areas came up with a new image of a giraffe. Especially fashions applied efforts. Sophie in “Escada” has fluffy skirt of red ruff, and she is on the red carpet. Jean-Claude Jitrois dressed her in an evening dress. And the Swarovski designers have created crystal jewelry of different colors in the form of a giraffe. In the end, all these works were sold at auction and have collected 83,000 Euros, which, of course, went to charity.

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