Stella McCartney Children Clothes

Stella McCartney Children Clothes

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Having created two collections of children’s clothes for GapKids, British designer Stella McCartney launched her own line of children’s clothes. In 2010 the first complete collection of baby clothing by Stella McCartney was presented.
Stella McCartney has already had an experience in creating children’s clothing: she was the author of capsule collection for a child’s line of Gap. Some items (such as a jacket, designed as a military frock-coat), was succeeded so well that adult fans of the designer unsuccessfully tried to get into the biggest children’s sizes.
Mother of four children Stella McCartney is sure that baby clothes should be colorful, hypoallergenic and not hindering the movement. In her collection a designer included dresses with delicate patterns, t-shirts and tank tops with fun prints, practical tights and jeans, a gray knitted sweater and bright jackets.
Prices for children clothing for boys and girls up to 12 years start at 14 British pounds and end at 130 pounds. Nice colors such as bright and smoky blue, deep red, burgundy, ornaments of fine colors, prints as if from a classic of British illustrated books. Tiny gray sweatshirt with a fox, the same jackets with military-parts, a very nice dress and yellow rubber boots can be properly considered, as well as it’ s possible to take advantage of the opportunity to buy Stella McCartney online.

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