Tartine et chocolat Kids Accessories

Tartine et chocolat Kids Accessories

Buy Tartine et chocolat Kids Accessories

Tartine et Chocolat was founded in 1977 by Catherine Painvin. She announced that the current market offers great luxury brands, such as watches and jewelry, luggage, shoes, perfumes, all kinds of accessories, clothing, machinery and etc. applies to both men and women, but not for kids accessories, children clothing. Tartine et Chocolat soon firmly took its place with the market of children’s clothes. And thanks to Tartine et Chocolat famous pink and blue stripes, buyers quickly remembered this brand.
This style of Tartine et Chocolat designed by Catherine Painvin. She is the sole designer of all Tartine et Chocolat products. In a style that is as simple so sophisticated, one can see as modern so classical features. She tried to convince us that babies are babies, children are children.
Young people (boys and girls) were also not forgotten. Tartine et Chocolat provides them with children accessories, school and everyday bags, shoes, jewelry, eyeglass frames and sunglasses, dolls, children’s chocolate, furniture for rooms, etc. One can easily buy Tartine et Chocolat online.
Tartine et Chocolat brand became so stable and bright that Tartine et Chocolat became a fashionable brand, royal families not only in Europe (Belgium, Spain, Sweden), but also in Morocco and Japan started to wear it. The music and movie stars, jet-setters and top models, people like Claudia Schiffer, Julio Iglesias, Celine Dion, and Isabelle Adjani choose Tartine et Chocolat not only for their children, but also as a gift to other children. This brand has become a sign of superior quality, taste and elegance

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