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Timberland Kids Wear

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Timberland is not among the fashion houses with centuries of history and it is not represented at Fashion Week in Milan or Paris. Nevertheless, Timberland has got its own symbol – yellow shoes. You can see them in the British Museum of Design and one of the most expensive shops of the world – London Selfridges. So if you want your child to be fashionable, if you want your child to feel comfortable, Timberland child’s clothes are for you.
Appearance of the brand appeared thanks to Nathan Schwartz. In 1965, when a technology of seamless connectivity rubber sole with a leather boots was invented (with a help of special media), the world saw a real waterproof boots. In 1973 appeared the first “guaranteed waterproof” leather yellow shoes under the brand Timberland.
Nowadays this brand continues to surprise its customers with reliability and high quality. If you want to be sure that you child will never wet his feet, you can buy Timberland on-line without any doubts. Timberland offers children’s clothes for kids of different age. In our world when the way of life of modern parents is so fast and they do not have enough time to go shopping, it is very convenient to buy Timberland online. Do not waste your time! Choose Timberland

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